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Italian Empresses of the Seas by Nicole Mielke | 15th June, 2014 | Prime Properties

Brilliant blue skies, crystal-clear waters and majestic-looking yachts – all essential ingredients for the most exclusive holidays of a lifetime. The Italian yacht designer Enrico Gobbi turns his clients’ individual visions into a reality and creates award-winning superyachts. The finished results are an absolute joy to behold.

Dreams are a reflection on our love of life, an expression of our personal yearnings and as individual as each and every one of us. The Italian yacht designer Enrico Gobbi has made it his vocation in life to realise our dreams and give them an unmistakable signature style. The yachts envisioned by this creative force in the industry do not simply make dreams come true; they form the in-
spiration for brand new dreams at the same time. The native Venezuelan has been designing luxury vessels for the exclusive Italian shipyard Rossinavi since 2008. Floating fantasies that are simply out of this world. The yachting industry is celebrating the emergence of a new star, and even honoured him and his works with a ‘Special Award’ at the 2013 Cannes Boat Show.

“The sublime feeling of enjoying the beautiful views from the sundeck is almost impossible to capture in words.” Enrico Gobbi

The Italian shipyard Rossinavi, which had only built yachts on commission in the past with various naval architects, first collaborated with Gobbi back in 2009. The superyacht produced as a result proved such a resounding success that it evolved to become Rossinavi’s first-ever production range.

“The project appealed to us straight away, with its original windows and sleek, sporty lines,” said Claudia Rossi, Head of Marketing at Rossinavi. And so the Ketos range by Rossinavi was born. “We wanted the Ketos line to include stylistic markers that would highlight the advanced, powerful and dynamic lines, without being aggressive,” explains Gobbi. “We also wanted to ensure the markers and lines would maintain a sleek profile that would express vitality and show a strong personality; lines recognisable from the first glance.”

With the ‘Ketos 48’, Enrico Gobbi and the Venetian design firm Team4Design have created a striking and original composition of openings and windows – in particular, the four vertical strips in the wide bow area that hosts the owner’s suite. “From the outside these vertical strips look like large air vents, but in fact they are insignias to her sheer force,” says Gobbi. “To these we added features to enhance the aerodynamic lines: horizontal windows in the hull that are long and slender, and aligned parallel to the waterline, which illuminate the guest cabins on the lower deck. These elongate the hull, don’t break the continuity, and add light to the guest cabins while offering views as well. We made use of light as if it were a material just like the precious woods, marble and onyx.”

“The name ‘Ketos’ originates from Greek mythology and means large, powerful fish.” Claudio Rossi

Inside the megayacht, the light cascading in from outside is just as captivating as the classic interior of the ‘Ketos’ with its glistening wood finishes and beige leather lavishness. A spiral staircase in the lobby is graced with an opulent light encrusted with Swarovski crystals, which diffuse the LED light hidden behind them to create a stellar effect. The use of indirect, dimmable lighting in the ceilings and skirting boards, such as in the owner’s cabin, also helps to create the inimitable atmosphere of dignified elegance that pervades throughout. “I don’t like different schemes without a clear overriding theme,” says Gobbi. “I prefer to design one colour scheme that will be applied to all the cabin areas. In this case, the owner’s desire to personalise was resolved with delicate touches of colour, accessories and details, as well as the bathroom design.” These are all found on the lower deck too, including in the large full-beam VIP suite and the two inviting guest cabins. With three bars – one on the upper deck, one on the main deck’s sun deck and one more in the saloon – the 48-metre ‘Ketos’ also caters fully to ensuring unforgettable hospitality and unadulterated enjoyment on board.

“Every single yacht is unique and a dream come true. Making this possible is a great honour for us.” Claudia Rossi

The stylish 49-metre motor yacht ‘Prince Shark’ is no less majestic. Rossinavi’s latest creation also proudly boasts the hallmarks of Enrico Gobbi, who is the force behind the exterior styling and interior design. Conception took place for the first time in collaboration with the naval engineer Giuseppe Arrabito, who was responsible for the hull design and motorisation of this exceptional vessel. With an impressive top speed of 24 knots, the ‘Prince Shark 49’ is perhaps most remarkable for her velocity, power and size. With her three large decks and at 49 metres in length, this super-yacht feels more akin to a megayacht. The spacious interiors are furnished with natural materials such as glass, precious woods and marble, combined to create a high-contrast palette of light and dark, which results in a ‘chiaroscuro’ effect key to the design’s appeal.

Just like the ‘Ketos’, plays on light are absolutely central to Enrico Gobbi’s design concept inside the ‘Prince Shark’. Direct and indirect lighting are skilfully juxtaposed with the natural influx of sunlight flooding through the large window frontages. On the upper deck, too, light defines the space.

The newly developed carbon Venetian blinds above the commodious seating area on the upper deck can be retracted at will, allowing guests to enjoy the glorious sunshine – or the cool shade – to their heart’s content. Spanning some 90 sqm in total, the sundeck is laid in exquisite teak and divided into three areas designed to ensure a perfect day relaxing at sea: with sumptuous sofas, comfortable sun loungers and a shady bar. Meanwhile, the swim platform boasts a sophisticated construction that can be hydraulically raised or lowered to help bathers in and out of the water, as well as acting as a lift for watersports equipment.

From the initial idea right through to completion – every part of the yachts from the hull to the tiniest awning is produced by Rossinavi at its state-of-the-art shipyard in Viareggio on the Italian Riviera. “Everything we do is driven by inspiration, intelligence and a devotion to yachting. With our unwavering passion for exclusive design and the very latest technologies, as well as a commitment to the highest possible standards for our clients, we make dreams a reality,” said Claudia Rossi. This is ‘bella Italia’ at its very best. And as Johnny Depp once said: “Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it.” NM


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