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Art & Design by Christina Libuda | 3rd June, 2022 | Playground

Plunge into art! Keeping boredom at bay is something New York-based designer Alex Proba is good at. Her abstract motifs turn furniture, carpets, cushions, walls – and increasingly, swimming pools – into bright, cheery works of art. Designing pool bottoms was a dream the German-born Proba had been fostering for a long time. In 2020, she realized her first pool project in the garden of a mid-century modern house by architect Donald Wexler near the desert in Palm Springs, California.

The result of eight days spent hand-painting in the baking sun was an explosion of colors and organic shapes. The effect is even more stunning when there’s water in the pool, and the light refracts, changing the dimensions of the mural. The best way to enjoy this type of art is to jump in, dive beneath the surface or just let yourself float. So far, Proba has created colorful pool bottoms in two homes near Palm Springs and has designed two graphic pool decks, one in Manhattan and the other in Kansas City.

PhotographyMadeline Tolle