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Into the Blue by Merle Wilkening | 2nd December, 2022 | Prime Properties

Days spent here feel like dreaming without sleeping. Villa Absolute is a true gem on Mykonos, with the Aegean Sea right on your doorstep. Contemporary design meets traditional Greek charm here, on the most sought-after island in the Cyclades.

Tucked away in the stony hills of Mykonos, what more could one possibly want with the tantalisingly radiant expanse of blue that dominates the scene? Welcome to “Villa Absolute”, half hidden away, almost timidly, on a plot high above Agios Ioannis. Inside, it reveals its true unadulterated beauty: The whole property faces outwards – to where the hue of the sea merges with the sweeping sky. Until evening comes and the sun sinks down below the horizon line into the Aegean Sea.

Deep blue and gleaming white façades – that’s the captivating contrast that epitomizes Mykonos, the jewel of the Cyclades in the southern Aegean. Just like many of the Greek islands, Mykonos is shrouded in legend. According to ancient mythology, Heracles defeated giants and threw them into the sea here. They were turned to stone and the island was formed from them. It was named after the grandson of the ancient sun god Apollo. Since the 1960s, Mykonos has been known the world over as one of the most fashionable Greek islands, positioning itself increasingly over the years as a highly exclusive destination. The island has also established itself as a sought- after location for owning real estate, especially among a wealthy elite.

The vibrant party scene with bars and beach clubs in Chora, better known as Mykonos Town, draws celebrities and tourists from all over the world. A little removed from the hustle and bustle, another world filled with charm, tradition and Mediterranean beauty awaits. In the quaint villages and small harbour towns, winding streets meander between luminous houses. Agios Ioannis is some five kilometres from the centre of the island’s capital. The village marks the westernmost point of the island. Laid out like an amphitheatre, white houses and villas stand encircled around the sandy beach. A private road leads to “Villa Absolute”, which is elegantly hidden away up on the hillside above the bay. Set on a plot spanning some 4,000 square metres, the apartment building coalesces with its landscape surroundings with a gentle subtlety. The interior disappears back into the rock, well protected from the wind and heat, while the exterior extends visually out of the hillside on two levels. This design ensures that owners enjoy valuable privacy as well as an unobstructed panorama that takes in the sea, the harbour and the beach of Agios Ioannis. The view out across the 18-metre infinity pool and the sparkling Aegean beyond reaches as far as the island of Delos, two kilometres away. Back in Ancient Greece, it was the economic, cultural and religious centre of the entire country.

The whole property exemplifies the simple charm of modern Cycladic architectural design. Stone walls and whitewashed surfaces frame the exterior, while wooden beams provide shade for the terraces and the spacious outdoor lounge and dining area. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors ensure the indoor spaces are flooded with Greek sunlight, and make the most of the breathtaking seascape views. The interiors extend over 540 square metres and are finished in restrained shades of stone grey and beige-white. The natural colours, contrasting textures and exquisite woods culminate in a harmonious whole. The contemporary design of the property is complemented by traditional building materials and techniques, such as wall plastering and “Tsimentokonia” for the floors.

Striking wooden beams separate off the minimalist living space from the kitchen area. The open plan kitchen with a white cooking island and light wooden cabinetry flows onto the dining area; a large table in dark stone with hanging lampshades made of natural woven fibres forms the focal centrepiece. Light-coloured fabric drapes separate the room from the kitchen whenever needed. The villa has a total of seven bedrooms, each with en suite bath- rooms. The harmonious colour scheme with natural tones continues throughout the property. Woven pendant lights above the bedside tables frame the bed, where breathtaking views of the Aegean can be enjoyed. Beautiful folding doors in Viennese wickerwork separate the bedroom off from the terrace, for greater privacy. One of the master bedroom suites even boasts its own five-metre infinity pool. A gym, wine cellar, utility room and two separate parking areas with six parking spaces are just some of the other many highlights of this sensational residence.

IssueGG Magazine 01/23
PhotographyAndreas Bekas Photography