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Your Super by Silke Bender | 4th December, 2020 | Personalities

None of us eats enough fruit and vegetables, say Kristel de Groot (30) and ­Michael Küch (32). The superfood powder mixtures they have created help people discover healthy eating. Their startup Your ­Super is growing exponentially. Based in Berlin and L.A., it employs 60 people, boasts 370,000 followers on social media and has sold over three million mixes.

Good morning, You’re both looking enviably fresh and well rested. How did you start your day?
Kristel: With a smoothie of frozen berries, cauliflower and banana, to which I added one spoonful each of our Super Green, Forever Beautiful, Plant Collagen Support and Moon Balance mixes. Moon Balance is our most recent product, designed to keep your hormones in balance. I also put in some fresh fruit.

Michael: Along with my smoothie, I had a slice of pumpernickel with fresh apricot jam. You can actually add our supplement to foods like jam. If you start the day with lots of nutrients, you’ll eventually find you no longer need coffee to help you wake up.

Your success story began dramatically seven years ago when Michael was diagnosed with cancer.
Kristel: After his chemotherapy, I wanted to nurse him back to health. My mom and my aunt are both nutritionists, so I knew what to do. I bought tons of wheatgrass, spirulina and maca, and switched us both to a vegan, whole foods diet. It was very expensive in the beginning and lots of work. Our powders have made things much easier.

Michael: She fed me stuff I had never even heard of! At first I thought it was all some new fad, but then I learned that many of the plants I was eating had been known for their health benefits for thousands of years. Very soon my strength started returning and my immune system recovered. I would never have thought that nutrition could have such an immediate effect on our bodies and wellbeing. That’s when we had the idea to share our experience with others.

Can you replace fresh fruits and vegetables by adding a few spoonfuls of Your Super to any dish?
Kristel: No, of course not. But it’s a good supplement because we usually don’t eat enough fresh produce. Nine out of ten people don’t consume enough fruit and vegetables to get the vitamins, ­minerals and ­antioxidants they need. Our customers keep telling us that our superfoods are a game changer. Anyone who starts out with our Detox Bundle and notices how good it makes them feel will want to switch to a fresh, plant-based whole foods diet. And that’s exactly what we want to encourage!

Michael: You have to remember, every fruit begins to lose nutrients as soon as it is picked. None of us know how long a particular orange has been en route before it ends up on our table. What we do know is that one teaspoon of Forever Beautiful has the same amount of vitamins as a handful of fresh berries – so you get your daily recommended amount of vitamin C in one go.

”Our customers keep telling us: Your ­Super really works.“ MICHAEL KÜCH

Why do superfoods such as açaí, chia­ seeds and goji berries always have to come from abroad? Wouldn’t it be better for the planet if they were grown more locally, like here in Europe?
Michael: We do that whenever possible. Our hemp protein, wheatgrass and barley grass are all grown in Germany, the blueberries come from Finland.

Kristel: Açaí berries have been known for their health benefits since the 1970s in Brazil. Unfortunately, they don’t grow anywhere else, but we process them at source.

You’ve been running a successful business in ­Europe since 2015 but two years ago, you entered the U.S. market, opening an office in L.A. How did that come about?
Michael: Our office in the U.S. is now twice the size of the one in Berlin. Our Instagram posts have been in English from the very beginning, so we quickly attracted online customers from around the world.

Kristel: We asked our numerous U.S. customers why they kept ordering from us, despite having to pay customs fees and higher postage costs, and found out how much they appreciate our corporate philosophy: We use only organic products, avoid additives, fillers and sweeteners, and work exclusively with small, hand-picked producers. We also collaborate with Action Against Hunger by donating one nutritious fruit and nut bar for every superfood mix we sell. These bars were specially developed for people suffering from malnutrition and can replace a meal. In the U.S., demand for our products was so great that our sales increased tenfold in the first year and shot up to fifteen times that amount in just the last two years.

”Mellow Yellow is our ­bestseller: one spoonful, and you’ll sleep like a baby.“ KRISTEL DE GROOT

What’s your motto for a healthier future?
Michael: There’s a lot in life that you can’t control, but you can control your diet.

Kristel: Just because you lead a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you get it right all the time. It’s important to do the best you can, ­whenever you can.

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