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Healthy Living by - | 1st June, 2023 | Playground

Dutch designer Osiris Hertman builds home and wellness resort interiors. He reveals the requirements for creating an atmosphere of wellbeing.

What is your definition of healthy living?

In my opinion, a good interior is like nature itself. The design should be so simple in shape and form that it gives you a sense of tranquility and makes you feel rested. It should never be overdone – the materials are important. The eye wants to see texture and the hands want to feel it. I like to work with Portuguese tiles that have been glazed and painted by hand, for instance. They’re not perfect, but that’s what brings soul to an interior.

The first wellness resort you did was for the Fort Resort Beemster near Amsterdam. What would you say characterizes a good spa?

The resort is located in a more than 100-year-old fort – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We wanted to incorporate the beauty of the rough structure into our design and so we combined the raw concrete with very fine stone and dim lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. We also used lots of wood to keep people from feeling lost in the large space and provide a sense of homey- ness. Spas are about letting go, about simplicity. Where do I go to relax, where do I go to shower – this shouldn’t require a big sign, it should be recognizable from the design.

How do you personally regenerate?

I’m a big spa fan myself. At home, I use a steam cabin at least four times a week. After taking a cold shower, I feel fresh and ready to start the day with a clear mind. It’s also a great way to relieve stress.

What can we do to create moments of wellness in our own home?

Create space for rituals, particularly in areas that are intensely lived in. A tray in the kitchen, for instance, invitingly set out with tea leaves and a teapot. Or a shelf in the bathroom with a beautiful stone, flowers and a carafe of water. Avoid symmetry, play with color. Even details like super-soft towels or a pair of stylish slippers can make a big difference.

PhotographyOsiris Hertman