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Passion for Porsche by Merle Wilkening | 31st May, 2024 | Interview

The CEO of sports car dealership Jungblut Sport-wagen Janine Baaima shares her love of the brand with her customers.

Where does your fascination with fast cars, particularly Porsches, come from?

I’ve always been a fan of powerful cars, even as a child. It thrilled me every time I saw a Porsche. To me, the classic design expresses a timeless aesthetic, and my connection to the brand has only intensified over the course of my career. Porsche is a product in which I’m happy to invest my energy.

What makes the brand special in your opinion?

In my eyes, a Porsche is a valuable investment and an elegant car. It has a high recognition factor and is associated with a certain understatement in this market segment. It’s also a very emotional product. For many people, ­Porsche is a brand that stays with them their whole life. And owning a Porsche is a childhood dream that many look forward to fulfilling. It connects people and creates a special community. We always say: “There’s no such thing as an old ­Porsche, there are only new owners.”

You also sell special edition Porsches.
Who are your customers?

All kinds of different people. One person may have saved up their whole life for a particular  car while another wants to expand their collection. With special editions, it’s always either/or: Either you’re a collector who will never actively drive it or you’re someone who really wants to use it. Our customers usually know exactly what they’re looking for and are very well informed.

Do you have a favorite model?

We once had a 964 Backdate for sale, a very elegant, older generation Porsche with a dark blue metallic finish, cognac-colored Pepita seat inserts and matching gloves on the dashboard. Classic cars in particular make my heart beat faster.

IssueGG Magazine 03/24
City/CountryHamburg, Germany