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Mental Help by - | 1st June, 2023 | Playground

“I’m there for you whenever you need me!,” says the little yellow robot with the saucer-shaped eyes and pulsating heart, waving from your smartphone screen. Woebot is a chatbot developed to help people cope with feelings of depression and anxiety. It checks in with you every day to ask you how you are, helps to correct negative beliefs and functions as a mental health ally.

Woebot is based on the scientifically sound premises that underly cognitive behavioral therapy. The bot tracks your mood and suggests concrete exercises and strategies for dealing with negative thoughts. If you’re stressed, the center of the robot changes and deep breathing instructions come up on the screen. The purpose of Woebot is not to replace a professional psychologist or classical therapy but to provide empathy and help to bridge waiting times. It’s intended as a self-help tool that can be easily accessed when you’re stressed or plagued by unwanted thoughts – any time of the day or night.

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