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High Art by Merle Wilkening | 1st December, 2023 | Interview, Playground

Under CEO Guido ­Terreni, the Swiss watch brand ­Parmigiani Fleurier is intensifying its commitment to purist sophistication.

Do watches tick differently in Switzerland?

They certainly do! They have a soul, a heart, and emotions. They transcend mere functionality, and a lot of love goes into making them. The people who craft our timepieces here dedicate their lives to the intricate universe contained within just a few centimeters. Within these tiny dimensions we express our passion and maintain a style that is consistent with the values of the brand.Your watchmaking facility is in Val-de-Travers and the placename Fleurier is part of your brand name.

How important to you are the provenance of your products and the location of your production center?

Our founder Michel Parmigiani was born in Couvet, a village just a few kilometers from Fleurier. He has been an observer of nature since he lived in this valley as a child, interpreting how the beauty of nature can be translated into the design and mechanism of watches. Watchmaking here has centuries of tradition and is part of the culture of the region. Respecting the craft and the heritage of the brand is very important to us.

What customers are your watches aimed at?

Connoisseurs. They are designed for discerning individuals who appreciate and understand luxury, who are looking for a brand that offers a more personalized choice. Our products epitomize the pinnacle of watchmaking, but their style is subtle, not extravagant. Customers who purchase Parmigiani Fleurier appreciate this and are familiar with the industry.

The first milestone under your leadership was the Tonda PF collection, which marked the 25th anniversary of your watchmaking center. What are your plans for the future?

The Tonda PF was unveiled in 2021. Two years is not a long time in the watch industry. Our hope is that the enduring and timeless design will elevate the watch to an iconic status. Time will tell whether we succeed. But we have no intention of being a mono-product brand and naturally continue to produce lots of innovative ideas.

IssueGG Magazine 01/24
PhotographyParmigiani Fleurier